about christina
I was born and raised in Walnut, California, and moved to Diamond Bar, California, in the fifth grade. I recently moved to Los Angeles, and started a career as a real estate agent working in West Los Angeles and the South Bay.
about darren
I was born in Fullerton, California, and I grew up in Westminster, California. I attended college at the University of California, Los Angeles (Go Bruins!) and attained a degree in Computer Science. I currently work for The Benefits Group in Century City as a Software Developer.
how we met
Although technically we worked for the same company at the same time (for just 1 month), we are together today because of a couple of friends. In July of 2000, Joules brought (dragged, whatever you want to call it  :) Christina along to a party at Darren's house, and from that day on, he knew Christina was the girl for him.
when and how we got engaged
We got engaged on Christmas morning, December 25, 2001.

how it happened (the short version)

Christmas morning, in our apartment, after we had opened all the gifts, he said there was one more gift in the other room. He said he didn't wrap it, so I would need to close my eyes so he could bring it in the other room. Then he got down on one knee and told me how much he loved me, and then asked, "Will you marry me?" Then I gave him a big hug, and then said, "Yes, of course I will!" – the longer version

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