the proposal
her side of the story

For months before we got engaged, I knew that Darren was the man I wanted to be with, and he said that I was the woman for him, but when I would ask him if he thought we would get engaged soon, Darren would always say not right now, but soon. Darren really tricked me in mid-December, 2001 when I asked him how long until we could get engaged; he said something like, "I promise it will be in the next six months." So of course I figured he was buying another six months, and I wouldn't get asked until summer of the next year.

On Christmas morning, we finished opening all the presents, and then he told me that he had one more present, but that he didn't wrap it because it was too hard to wrap. He left to get it, and I was wondering what it could be. I was lying down on the couch, and when he came back he told me I had to sit up so he could put it in my lap. I was really trying to figure out what it could be. I thought it could be something really big, or maybe a puppy (I am always asking for one). He told me to open my eyes, and he was on one knee with the ring box open. Obviously, I was surprised since it was just a week or two before that he had told me he would propose in the next six months!

I had told him before that I always hoped that we would get engaged in a special place and in an intimate way, so that we could be cute together and not have people milling about. It was the perfect time and place!

his side of the story

It's true that I knew Christina was the girl for me for a long time, but as those who know me will tell you, I am the worst decision maker! So it took a little while for the little light bulb to turn on over my head. I can tell you that it happened on December 12, 2001, I think in the morning. I was sitting at work, and "bong!" I knew that I wanted to ask Christina to marry me... and soon. So I called my best man, Ken, and asked if he would go with me that weekend to buy a ring.

I was lucky enough (or smart enough) to have "casually" looked at rings with Christina. Later, I found out that only I was looking at the rings casually! Anyway, finding a ring was not too difficult. On December 22, I asked Christina's dad for her hand in marriage. The next day, I asked her step-father and her mother for her hand in marriage. The day after that, Christmas Eve, I told my parents that I was going to ask her the next morning. I had it all planned; in the morning we would open all the presents, and then I give her the ring.

Morning came, and after breakfast, I pulled up two chairs near the tree so that I could easily get down on one knee before her to ask her to be my wife. I sat down and asked her to sit in the other chair. To my horror, she says she will be more comfortable sitting on the floor. A little flustered, I just moved on and opened presents. I figured I would think of something before the last present. And I did. Once the last present was opened, I asked her to move over to the couch to cuddle (she never passes up that). Then after a minute of cuddling, I said with surprise that I had forgotten her last gift because it was in the other room, and I didn't wrap it. So I went to the other room, got the ring, took the phone off the hook, told her to close her eyes, and I came in.

Once again, she had foiled my plan. She had laid down on the couch. I thought, "How am I to get down on one knee before her?" I told her she needed to sit up so I could put the present on her lap. She did so, and the rest is history.

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